Thursday, December 20, 2012

Give Your Lover Intimate and Special Pleasures Through Yoni Massage

Pleasure is defined as a state of delight, happiness, and bliss. In the case of couples, these intimate moments should transcend the usual physical connotation. These special pleasures must be treated with delicate care, and with utmost respect. As such each stroke rendered must be loaded with the said substance. Contrary to the usual belief that a couple's intimacy is only within the boundaries of sexual intercourse; these physical bonding is more of a fusion of two different individuals wanting to be, as one. It is in this state that love is empowered and differences become a mere trifle. The very bond that binds the couples is as strong as a tree planted along the riverbank with its roots reaching deep into the water.

It is in this specific concept that sexual intercourse is blessed by divine benedictions. Though intangible and invisible to the sight, still this bond is MIGHTY and is not bothered by the coming of eternity of togetherness, nor is worried by the coming of trials. Thus it focuses on greeting the day with meaningful freshness of love and respect. One such way of giving your lover intimate and special pleasures is through Yoni Massage; the main gist in this intimate and special concept is bliss through giving. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means "vagina". In the concept of tantra, this is a "sacred place" or Sacred Temple", which is regarded as a delicate place worthy of UTMOST Respect and LOVE; which is why delicate care and utmost respect are the prerequisites of this sacred act.

This is one area in particular that "MAN" needs to learn.The Yoni massage can also be viewed as a therapeutic massage for couples whose sacred intimacy has waned. This female massage is best done in the form of full body massage. This tantric massage will give heightened moments for both couples and mutual trust begins to bud. When a Woman (the receiver) is given a yoni massage, it is important to provide space to a woman. This will make her more relaxed, it is in this state that the woman can easily enter into a state of high arousal and can thus encounter great pleasures from her Yoni.

On the other hand the woman's partner, the Man (the giver) will experience the joys of witnessing such special moments, the giving of pleasure to her partner. Yoni Massage is an excellent way of building trust, which is a very vital factor in marriage. Thus it is encouraged that the man should not expect something in return, but simply allowing the receiver to "Relax". The procedure begins with the intimate gazing of the couple's eyes. And through a synchronized breathing, allowing themselves to be relaxed; they can then begin the tantric Yoni Massage. The woman is then positioned lying in her back with pillows on her head, and one on her hips.

It is in this position that she bends her knees and exposes her yoni, as she opens her legs. Her partner then sits comfortably between her legs, with his own legs crossed. The man then proceeds with the sensual yoni massage by massaging her whole body. The man then begins to massage her pelvis and inner thighs. With his right hand, the man then applies fragrant lubricating oil on the mound of the Yoni. First it is applied on the lips of the yoni, in a slow and gentle stroke. He than proceed to the clitoris, squeezing it with his thumb.

Gently then he enters the yoni and explores the G-spot and caresses the whole area as well. Powerful emotions will emerge in this state. Though commonly misunderstood, the goals of yoni massage not purely orgasm or worse a medium for sexual intercourse; Yoni massage is simply giving intimate pleasure to the woman, and the massaging of her yoni as well. And bliss for the man in giving her service.